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DJI Phantom 3 Battery

Spare Battery for the Phantom 3 Pro, Advanced, Standard or 4K.
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Phantom 3 Batteries - Spare or Replacement

Spare Battery for DJI Phantom 3

These spare batteries for your Phantom 3 standard, pro, advanced or 4k are the key to getting longer flight times from your Phantom 3.

A spare battery can double your flight time, or buy 5 or 6 spare batteries for your Phantom 3 so that you can fly all day long!


We only sell official DJI parts - so you'll be safe in the knowledge that these batteries will not have any impact on your DJI warranty.

Key features

  • 23 minute flight time.
  • LEDs to show you how much battery remains and the current status of the battery while flying your DJI Phantom 3.
  • Balanced charging ability.
  • The P3 batteries are protected by a smart charge and discharge function built into the battery itself.
  • Simple, slide in design, which makes swapping the battery in your Phantom 3 a breeze.
  • Advice for Using Spare DJI Phantom 3 Batteries
  • There are a few simple points to remember when you get your new battery.
  • Only use official DJI chargers to charge the battery. You'll at best void the warranty on the battery, at worst cause serious harm to yourself or your property.
  • After flying - give the battery at least 10 minutes to cool down before charging. The heat can build up in LiPO batteries so ensure you let the temperature drop before starting to charge, which can increase temperatures.
  • Try and charge / discharge the battery completely every so often (once every 20 or so uses) to ensure that the management software in the battery can configure itself successfully.










Which Phantom 3 Models is this Battery Compatible with?

This official DJI Phantom 3 battery is compatible with the entire Phantom 3 range:

  • Phantom 3 Professional
  • Phantom 3 Advanced
  • Phantom 3 Standard
  • Phantom 3 4K





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