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DNP WCM Wireless Connect Module

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The WCM2 Print is DNP’s newest and easiest wireless printing device, allowing wireless printing from mobile devices (iPhone®, iPad,and Android devices), Windows PCs, and Mac® and direct printing using the WCM Print.

WiFi Hotspot

The WCM2 Print creates its own WiFi hotspot that allows wireless printing without the need for an internet connection.

WCM Portal

The WCM Portal includes new admin controls that are easy to navigate. Set which print sizes are made available, manage WCM Print functions, and other settings to customize the user experience.

Connects to Your Network

The WCM2 Print can connect to other networks via WiFi or ethernet to allow you to print as well as connect to social networks for uploads.

WCM Print

Allows pictures that are stored locally on the device to be selected using the WCM Print and sent directly to the printer.

WCM-2 is an accessory for DNP photo printers that allows customers to print wirelessly from mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and Android devices), Windows PCs, and Macs.

Key Features:

  • Wirelessly print from macOS® and iOS® devices
  • Works with AirPrint® and Android® printing apps
  • Possibility to connect two printers simultaneously
  • Print from multiple sources simultaneously
  • Built-in wireless “hot spot” network

How the WCM-2 works

Easy configuration

The WCM-2’s configuration web page offers easy setup and administration of the WCM-2 from any mobile device or PC that is connected to the WCM-2 WiFi network.


  • Display of the available printers
  • Setup of the available print sizes & finishing Connection to outside WiFi network to provide internet access (hotspot)
  • Easy configuration

The WCM-2’s configuration web page offers easy setup and administration of the WCM-2 from any mobile device or PC that is connected to the WCM-2 WiFi network.

Update software online

Supported printers

QW410 | RX1HS | DS620 | DS820 | DS40 | DS80

Connect two printers simultaneously Allows a wider range of print sizes or printer redundancy to reduce media loading frequency.

Compatible devices

  • Desktops & laptops - macOS & PC
  • Tablets – iOS, Windows®, & Android®
  • Smartphones – iOS & Android®

Print from iOS and Android devices –no app required. Works with Apple AirPrint® Works with the latest Android devices (Android 9 or later). Works with a 3rd party printing app such as Let’sPrintDroidor Mopria Print, for Android 8.1 or earlier.

Print from Windows PCs and Macs Windows and Mac users can print wirelessly using standard DNP printer drivers. Simply connect the WCM-2 to your network–either via a Wi-Fi network or using an Ethernet cable–then set up your printer driver to use network printing.

Compatible devices

WCM-2 hotspot

WCM-2 as a hotspot The WCM-2 creates a WiFi hotspot that allows event attendees to print to DNP printers from their phones without connecting to the venue’s WiFi network.

Great alternative when the venue does not want to give users access to their main Wi-Fi service.

Great for social media sharing at events!

Key market segments


The WCM-2 allows events guests* to print wirelessly their photos of the party directly from their smartphone, whether it is Apple, Android or Windows. A nice addition to photo animations for small to medium events!


The WCM-2 allows iPad booth operators to expand their offerings by seamlessly printing their photo booth images.

Multiple photo booths can print to a single WCM-2.


After editing photos, photographers can send them wirelessly from their Mac or PC to the printer with the WCM-2. Multiple devices can connect to the WCM-2 simultaneously for an optimal usage among coworkers!

WCM-2 specs

Compatible printers RX1HS,DS40, DS80, DS620, DS820, QW410

Compatible devices iOS, macOS, Windows, Android 9 & later, Android 8.1 & earlier. (Android 8.1 & earlier requires a 3rd party app) USB ports 2 USB ports allows for connection to two DNP printers

WiFi hotspot 802.11 b / g / n standards

Certifications CE/ UKCA

Dimensions W50mm x H38mm x D57mm

Kit contents

WCM-2 module with WiFi adapter 110V-240V power adapter (micro USB) USB printer cable USB power cable(for QW410 printer only) Quick Start Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices can work on parallel? Up to 10 units are possible, but 5 units are recommended for optimal usage.

How many printers can the WCM-2 be connected to? WCM-2 can be connected to 2 printers simultaneously.

What is the signal Wi-Fi working distance? Generally 3~6 meters, however transfer speed may decrease as you get beyond 3 meters. There are variables that can impact working distance, such as interference.

Are digital cameras compatible with WCM-2? WCM-2 is not compatible with digital cameras.

What are the devices WCM-2 is compatible with? + iPhones and iPads running iOS version 11 and later + Android devices running Android 9 (Pie) and later + Android 8.1 & earlier using 3rd party apps like Mopriaand Let’s print Droid + Microsoft Windows 10 + MacOSversion 10.13 and later

Is it possible to print from Custom Photo Booth Applications? Because the WCM-2 supports standard printing methods in iPad, Android, PC and Mac environments, photo booth applications from many publishers will work with the WCM-2 to print photos. Some applications that have been tested* include:

+ Curator PixBooth2 + LumaBooth + Simple Booth Halo 1 & 2 + SnapPicBooth + Salsa Booth

+ Photo Media Booth + BabelandPhoto + Mini Photo Booth + Darkroom Booth for iPad

*Testing was done by 3rd parties and reported to DNP. DNP is not responsible for applications that do not work correctly with the WCM-2. Is it possible to customize the print by adding a frame? It is not possible to add a frame to the picture. The photo will be printed as it is.

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